Arijee is a Professional Makeup Artist based in Houston, Texas but originally, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She moved to Texas at 9 years old where her passion for Beauty began. She learned at an early age how beauty has impacted women of all ages and she knew this would be the best career choice for her. Throughout her grade school years she began trying different makeup looks on herself soon to find out she would be doing this for others. She went on to college at Prairie View A&M University to study Business Marketing to gain knowledge and insight about how to market a business. This is where she developed a clientele and a huge following. After graduation she became certified at The Makeup Project in Houston, Texas. Soon after she obtained another certification at Boss Beauty Makeup Academy in Dallas, Texas.

Arijee has implemented The Beauty Bus where she does Beauty Makeovers for women around Houston on a shuttle bus. She has also implemented Arijee Makeup Cosmetics to her brand which focuses on lip care. Arijee has been blessed to work with numerous designers, photographers, and videographers to achieve desired looks for women to have an amazing outcome. Arijee continues to utilize tools to help her excel in the Beauty Industry and these tools have landed her internships & work positions within the Industry. Arijee believes her future plans will take the world by storm and she is thrilled to share this journey of her passion for Makeup. Arijee's favorite slogan is #wakeupanddoyourmakeup and she believes every woman should live by this.